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iMedia Digital Signage


Create a straight forward and uncomplicated digital signage system and integrate with dynamic content such as, Live Streaming TV and ticker news feeds. This version also includes a trial period of Google mapping intended for licensed public display of real-time traffic congestion information typically for Hotel Receptions and Service Stations.Here is what you can do:
Display two live news tickers from UK, US and German news providersDisplay weather, time and temperature information for your areaDisplay a sequence of photos or videos stored on your SD cardDisplay a playlist of YouTube videos which seamlessly play by pre-buffering the next video.Display a webpage with static or dynamic contentRun a radio station in the background from over 20,000 stations available
This app is a specialist app for licensed content, whilst most features are free you should email us and enquire about the display of licensed content in a public place.
This app was originally created for our own custom range of signage display units and runs as a launcher, this means that when the device boots up your service should start straight away in a maintenance-free site installation. But you can choose to have the app run conventionally and launch it manually from your apps tray.
Because we are a dynamic & specialist app developer we can customise the app for various licensed content and manage the licensing monthly or annually by in-app subscriptions or via monthly account invoicing.
We welcome bug reports or requests relating to customisation for specialist applications and content. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.